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With an influx of new updates to existing programs and brand-new programs, there’s a lot to learn all the time. Our C.P.A. firm will alleviate this stress for you with the training you need. One of the biggest hidden money losses for companies is a lack of training, even for the little things. When staff members are correctly taught the ins and outs of their responsibilities, you will save stress, money, and time. Our expertise allows you to project future sales and business needs.

Buckley & Sitzman, LLP is a certified public accounting firm that is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and was founded over 85 years ago. Partners Lester F. Buckley, CPA and Kyle L. Sitzman, CPA are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants. We can also help both individuals and businesses with financial statements and tax preparations. Our team is proficient in audits, reviews, and tax returns – let us know what you need, and we will help you get there. Founded in 2020, Thompson’s Bookkeeping & Consulting serves as a resource and advisor for people of color and indigenous peoples who own a business in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. To help clients maximize efficiency and profit margins, the firm provides services related to bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning and preparation, and business incorporation.

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Our goal goes beyond preparing the numbers, but to help our partners succeed. We’re confident that no matter your situation, we can help you oversee your books successfully. Thanks to our qualified staff, we can help you face your financial challenges. There is a lot to learn when starting a new job, despite the advanced capabilities of computers. Technology can do seemingly anything these days, except tell you exactly how to utilize it.

That’s why we’re always here to assist you whenever you need us. When you don’t have to stress about money, you’ll have much more time to tend to all the other crucial business owner tasks you’ve been trying to complete for months! Offering multi-state services, our experienced accountants are here to help you. Whether you’re a small business owner or you’re operating an enterprise, you almost certainly need a payroll provider. It’s crucial to keep all of your financials straight, especially when you’re responsible for the finances of your employees.

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Balanced Bookkeeping and Tax Services operates in Lincoln and caters to individual clients and businesses in the city. It installs Quickbooks software and programs for its clients to track income and financial records. The company then trains all employees on how to activate and track profits and expenses. It also provides annual reports on estate planning goals, profit and revenue, and other financial statements. Aside from bookkeeping, the company’s other services include tax preparation and payroll maintenance. Patrick L. Thomazin, CPA is a certified public accountant who is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Bookkeeping Services in Lincoln

CS Accounting manages your accounting needs like no one else. Its personalized service tailored for your specific business. Not all products and services referenced on this site are available in every state, jurisdiction or from every person listed. BBB directs its services to businesses and consumers in North America. Please select the region that you would like to explore today. I increase small business profits by an average of $7500 per year by providing a clear and accurate picture of the financial health of the business.

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Accurate financial reports help your accountant minimize your tax liability and can reduce their cost since they won’t have to spend their time getting the books in order. Smartly plan for your business’s financial future with routine business consultations with Michael Jank. Whether you’re looking to start a new company or expand your current venture, he provides insightful advice tailored to your needs. What we offer is more than just the basics of accounting, we are a resource to help you grow.

Bookkeeping Services in Lincoln

This firm caters to individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and all state returns. Services for small businesses and individuals include income tax services of all types, bookkeeping, payroll preparation, and business advisory service. Burr Business Service employees are members of the Nebraska Society of Tax Professionals, National Society of Accountants, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, and more. Is a comprehensive certified public accounting firm that is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and was founded by Ardel Harger in 2001.

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Our team is dedicated to working day in and day out to ensure that your company is ready for both security and profitability in the future. Whether you own an existing business or are just starting up your Chicago business, your growth and success will be our number one priority. Strong financial statements and accurate record-keeping make up the backbone of any successful business. Unfortunately, these tasks are incredibly tedious and often take up more of your valuable time than they should. In addition to full payroll services, TAC Payroll Solutions provides employees and employers portal access to view pay stubs and W-2s. For the employer, in addition to having access to their employees’ information, they also have the ability to produce reports from the report library or they can create their own reports.

Bookkeeping Services in Lincoln

Select businesses earn BBB Accreditation by undergoing a thorough evaluation and upholding the BBB Accreditation Standards.

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MJH, LLC is a certified public accounting firm that is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Services include income tax and strategies, financial planning, bookkeeping solutions, payroll, and attestation services. Bookkeeping solutions include training, consulting, and bill pay service. The firm’s clients include Brown Church Development Group, Icon Creative Group, Karas Dental, Changing Spaces SRS, Cross Financial Group, and Performance Aircraft. Burr Business Service is a comprehensive tax preparation firm that is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

That’s why we’re here to take the stress out of accounting and payroll services. Respected throughout the community and trusted to hold a variety of esteemed financial positions during his career, Michael Jank has built his accounting firm on honest and reliable services. When you need personal or business financial guidance, let his unmatched expertise as an accountant create the best financial plan for your future. Money Smarts, Inc. is a tax preparation service that was established in 2007 and has offices in Lincoln, Nebraska and Omaha, Nebraska. Services include bookkeeping, annual taxes, advanced tax work, and other additional services. This company takes on its client’s finances so they can take a deep breath.

They also offer other accounting solutions, such as bank reconciliation, financial statement preparation, payroll, and individual consultation. Michelle Ehlers, a certified public accountant, has been in the industry since 1997. She and her team cater to various clients, including small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Prior to that, I was the owner and operator of an independent restaurant.
  • Its professionals identify and resolve discrepancies through periodic internal audits.
  • I ensure that your bookkeeping is done accurately and in a timely manner.
  • If you’re searching for a reputable accounting firm in Lincoln, Seward or Crete, NE, look no further than Money Smarts Inc.
  • This ensures that you are positioned to handle growth without falling into financial pitfalls that can plague small businesses.

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